Feng Shui Bracelet with Aventurine and Pixiu

Feng Shui Bracelet with Aventurine and Pixiu


SKU: JB0100

The Pixiu bracelet holds deep symbolism in Chinese culture. The Pixiu, a mythical creature, is revered for its ability to attract wealth and bring good fortune. Wearing the bracelet is believed to invite prosperity, protect against misfortune, and enhances financial luck. It serves as a tangible reminder to embrace abundance and harness positive energy in life’s journey. Protects individuals from evil forces, obstacles and hardship. To be worn on dominant hand. Not to be worn while asleep at night. Aventurine is the stone of optimism & zest for life. Confidence in new situations such as employment and relationships.

Elasticated 8 mm Aventurine Beads and 10 mm Feng Shui Mantra Beads and Pixiu.

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